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Full Version: Is this going to be an automatic disqualification?
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My sis has 9 points on her licence. They are all SP30s, 2 offences of 35 in a 30 and one for 57 in a 50.
Last week she 'thinks' she may have been scamera'd again in a 30 zone.
So, if this is the case:
Will this result in an automatic ban?
Will it have to go to court?

I've also read that you should, in all cases, ask for the photographic evidence supporting the offence.
Some people I've spoken to are of the opinion that if you do this then the case has to go to court ... is this true?

If anyone has any other bits of advice then they'll be gratefully received.
A cumulative total of 17mph over the limit for 9 points.

If she's been scammed at 35 again this will be 22mph.

Would this be a record?  The sweet sweet smell of justice.
This thread will do better in "Judicial Process" - no doubt one of the mods will oblige.

As to the facts - I've never heard of anybody unfortunate enough to receive three tickets ALL at the ACPO prosecution threshold of 10% + 2mph.

I would have though that the minor degree of excess speed in these previous cases would allow a strong argument against disqualification for the fourth, but much would depend on the facts of the fourth (as yet unknown).

Perhaps better to try and avoid conviction for the fourth offence.  I suggest you/your sister should read the FAQs and, if a ticket arrives, post again.
Observer, please remember that labour MP's are prepared to stand in the house and describe people such as this as persistent serios criminals.

Lock em up I say!

Seriously, Lobb, yes it will have to go to court.  Dont worry until anything arrives, then keep the letter, the envelope read the FAQ's and post again.
Cool, thanks.

Will wait to see what arrives in the post!
A disqualification is not automatic on reaching 12 points.  Your sis will need to go to court , and explain why losing her licence will cause 'hardship' -- for example she needs to be able to drive to keep her job; invalid mother who depends on her for getting out, or that kind of thing. If there's no hardship she will probably get a six-months ban.  

If it works, she had better pay attention on the road; the excuse can't be used again.
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