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Full Version: Question regarding blue badge parking
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Hello there, I am new to this and don't know if I am posting this in the right place as I haven't actually been issued with a parking ticket?

I have a query about parking with a blue badge. I take my great-aunt out to do her shopping sometimes and pick her up and drop her off at her block of flats. On Friday, there was nowhere to park on the road outside her flats apart from the space right outside that has a white H painted on the road highlighting a dropped pedestrian kerb. My great-aunt has a blue badge as she cannot walk very far unaided so I parked in this space.

Anyway, to cut a long story short - when I got back to my car, someone from the flats had put a letter on the car with an extract from the highway code printed on it (no. 217) and the part highlighted 'where the kerb has been lowered to help wheelchair users.' I had put the blue badge on the dashboard and the man must have seen me helping my great-aunt up the pathway with her shopping in my other hand and still proceeded to put this on my windscreen. He added to the bottom of this letter that 'digital photographs have been taken to produce as evidence to the police if you persist in parking contrary to the highway code'.

I am quite upset about this, and have been trying to find out whether he is allowed to take photos of my car and if I am in contravention of the law and that he is able to do this? Can anyone help me in this matter?

Thank you and kind regards
Basically, anyone can take photographs of anything/one which is in a public place (with certain specific exceptions brought in by this very right-wing government with the ecude of counter-terrorism). He can take a photograph, but what, realistically, can he do with it?

As far as I know, it is technically an offence to park across a dropped-curb, but in your case you were not parked you were unloading/assisting which is a different matter. If these interfering so-and-sos were themselves disabled you can be sure they would have a different point of view.

Because I have replied you can be sure someone else will be along shortly to read what I have written, so hopefully, you should now get a more expert reply on the loading/assisting question.
I must start my reply by stating that I am a wheelchair user & have a blue badge so totally understand the difficulties your great-aunt has with getting around. I also accept that you parked where you did just to help your great-aunt & not because you didn't want the bother of finding a proper space, like so many people do.
But having said that I totally agree with what the resident did that day. As you state there was a dropped kerb with a white "H" on the road, this is a clear indication that it must not be obstructed at any time and by parking there you were in contravention of parking regulations, even with a blue badge. You say you are quite upset about the note but imagine how it would be for a disabled person or someone in your great-aunt's position when they want to get down the kerb only to find the way blocked by a car. At the very least it would cause inconvenience to have to find another way to get up/down the kerb. At the worst it may mean that someone may not be able to get back in or out of the flats if that is the only section of dropped kerb allowing access. Fortunately my block has another dropped section close by that I can use whenever the dropped kerb outside my entrance is blocked but a friend of mine, also in a chair, has to go 200 yards out of his way to be able to cross the road when his blocks dropped kerb is obstructed, which causes him great problems.

As for the residents note. I don't know the legalities of taking photos of your car while parked there but the part about using it as evidence for the police is wrong. Parking contraventions are not a criminal act so the police will not get involved. What would happen if your car was reported (or a parking warden saw your car) is you'd get a ticket for obstruction & have your car moved. It is illegal to tow away a car while displaying a blue badge but it can be moved to another location to clear any obstruction caused, this may be to the same street or even a few of streets away.

So rather than be upset about getting a note on your car feel thankful you actually got off very lightly. I know of people that glue these kinds of notes to peoples windscreens so it takes a lot of effort to scrape them off.

As for using the blue badge your great-aunt would have got a booklet detailing how to use the badge & where and when you can park with it. I would familiarise yourself with this if you are going to be using the badge again. If the booklet can't be found then another copy can be sent by the local authority's parking services (or whatever dept. deals with blue badges).

I hope this has cleared things up a little for you & I wish your great-aunt well.

EDIT: You didn't say whether you left your car parked there or moved it after helping your great-aunt. Either way it was clearly left long enough for the resident to go to your car, take photos & leave a note. This would have been ample time for a warden to give you a ticket should one have come past.
Thank you for your replies. The rules on the blue badge parking does not include dropped kerbs or white lines and I was hoping someone would be able to give me a definitive answer as I don't want to be the cause of her blue badge being taken away.
AFAIK they can't take the badge away because a few tickets get issued. If that was the case, given the way tickets are handed out willy-nilly, nobody would keep their blue badge for very long at all.

you are in the wrong and whilst the letter contains a threat it is an empty one

thank you for putting it so succinctly, well I guess I did ask for a definitive answer! My great-aunt has told me that in the next month or so double yellow lines are going to be painted outside of the block because of the parking problem so that will make it a lot more easier to park there and take her out in the future.
Hi, As you say, the DYL's should make it easier for you as the user of a Blue Badge but just check up first; there are some boroughs in London, for instance, that don't recognise the National Scheme (believe it or not!) so you'd have to get one of theirs.
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