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Full Version: Help with CPM UK LTD & Debt recovery Plus
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Hey everyone, i know this is my first post but ive been looking on this forum for a while and has given strong advice in the past. but i just want to check things

I APPARENTLY recieved a parking fine off CPM ( Carpark management UK LTD) in feb this year. i say apparently because i havnt seen it yet. and i just ignored the letters as i havnt actually recieved a fine. and now this has gone onto a debt recovery company

Debt Reovery Plus LTD
PO Box 259, Ashton Under Lynne OL60ES (08445610965)

got some letters quoting all sorts of legal requirements, intent of litigation and legal procedings

I then received a call from this company today on 0161 3433535. when i googled it. it comes up as a media company: In 2 Color. Ashton-under-Lyne, OL7 0HU. Tel: 01613433535

Firstly My question is. is this right? an apparent fine when ive not received anything? shall i take this seriously? i have contacted the parking company and spoke to a woman named Terresa and she "had the file" said she couldnt help me and it was upto the collection company as they had the file. all very confusing. and now a debt recovery comany!!! i dont have a debt with these people...

can someone please just fill in the gaps or assist in advice with what to do from here

Easy. Do not contact them ever. Ignore all their threatening junkmail. They will give up and go away.

Well they seem to be ringing now. saying they gonna take me to court and CCJ's etc. im still baffled how they got an ex directory number and rung my house. im trying to ignore!
A debt recovery agency will need to provide proof of any debt they wish to collect. In the unlikely event they actually contact you in person just ask to see the contract you signed that made you liable for the debt.
Since that doesn't exist they haven't got much to go on.

Did you make the mistake of not withholding your number when you called the scammers?
They may have got it from the caller ID and passed it on.

If you are registered with the Telephone Preference Service ( aka BT Privacy) then you can raise an official complaint against the company of cold calling
You can also go down the route with BT to block their calls, BT have a service called choose to refuse, you pay a quarterly fee after a free trial period which allows you block any number from ringing you even witheld or private numbers, I have it even tho I am ex directory and with the tps, if you dont like a particular company or get malicious calls you block em biggrin.gif
If they're ringing, have some fun with them! Try ringing a pizza place on your mobile and holding the phones together!
record the calls. give them no facts, just ask them questions such as.

please tell me the full postal address of your offices, not the P.O Box address, your actual business address.

to whom am I speaking 9get bith names. not just 'Chris' or whatever)

Are you going to take me to court ?

what for ?

what makes you think I owe you any money ?

what will happen if I refuse to pay you.

once they have hung themselves with their answers block the calls via your carrier. or let tyhem ring and just say "hold om please" and go and read a book, make dinner, have a nap. then go back and hang up the phone.

they are poweless bullies who will break all kinds of laws to get your money.

record their calls - and don't tell them you are recording them, there is NO legal requirement to do so.

if you have trouble gettingthem blocked start telling them that you are "recording this call just like all the others".

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