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Full Version: Dodgy 'pull'
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The Rookie
First post on here for a while (change of jobs!) anyway a friend of mine got stopped by a member of Air6's finest the other day..situation was....

Marked Police car, my mate passed him at the 70 limit and continued, after about 3 miles he sees the car catching him fast, checks his speed and pulls over to the left to let it past, car pulls in in front and pulls him over.

Accuses my friend of doing 95-100 to which my mate laughs, and asks how he figured that 'I followed you' well he didn't as my mate saw him catching up from a long way back so asks how fast he must have been going to catch him up 'well over a 100?', no copper caught up with a car doing 100 by doing less than 100 apparently.

told my mate he would get a 'summons to court' as he had no FPN's left....

Car allegedly had no video.....

1/ Did my mate recieve a proper NIP in being told he would get a summons?
2/ Do Air6 traffic cars have video and should they be running
3/ Will my mate be able to fight this if the Copper gets his facts a little straighter and lies through his back teeth in front of the mag's?

I assume Air6 is the land of fast fords and burberry?
The Rookie
That will be the place........just have to say it with the local accent mate!

Verbal nips are always taken as given unless proven otherwise (how?)

For some reason the tax payer provide the police with all sorts of aids to detecting and proving crime, but there appears to be little incumbency on them to use it.  Personally I see it as 'destroying' fatal evidence.

Your word against theirs - what do you think?

But you may well hear no more.
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