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Full Version: Wrong time on speeding notice
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Around 6 week ago I was pulled over on the motorway for doing 96 mph, I was caught by a camera from a police car, after being read my rights in the back of the car I was given a notice telling me my speed and where and when I was caught. The police said I would hear through the post as to whether I'd be going to court or I'd get a fine. On the ticket he gave me he had written down the wrong time ( out by one hour ) ? Would this class as a technicality or wouldn't it make any difference ? this is assuming I'm going to hear anything from them ? Any advice is appreciated, thanks
A simple mistake in writing down the time would not normally make any difference to the validity of the notice. It could be corrected at a later time.

How many police occifers were there in the car when you were stopped? What was the name of the video system used to record the proceedings? How was your speed measured?
Thanks for the reply, there was one police officer in the car and I don't know what gun or video system he used ???
A friend of mine was done for speeding, so my friend decided to have his day in Court. When the plod gave evidence he said he was in a Volvo car when in fact he was in a BMW. The case was ajorned and when it was proved it was a BMW, the Court threw the case out.

The point is, if plod cant get what car he was driving right. he is not crediable. If he cant read a watch - can he read a radar display.

It would be down to the Magistrate on the day and a good Lawyer
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