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Full Version: What needs to be in the 'bundle'?
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When a summons is sent out it is accompanied by a 'bundle' of documents which are also sent to the court. These documents are the evidence that the recipient committed the crime.

The bundle that I received does not contain a copy of the signed NIP. If I did not attend court but sent along a solicitor instead, would the prosecution be able to produce the signed NIP to prove that I was the driver? If not, how would they proceed from there?
The bundle that I received does not contain a copy of the signed NIP

Then you or your solicitor can object to its admisibility (Non Disclosure)
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Read this
Thanks for those replies. I will be challenging other aspects of non- disclosure anyway.

It just seems to me to be such a major error to not include the signed NIP in the bundle that I can't believe that there isn't a way of them getting around it. There again, having seen the other errors that they have made perhaps I'm not so surprised.

So, on this aspect would it go as follows. As soon as they produce the signed NIP in court to say that I am the driver I object, saying that the evidence was not disclosed. I ask the magistrate to examine the court bundle, which should be the same as mine. Either the bundles are different (abuse of process) or my argument stands. They have no other evidence that I was the driver. When asked to take the witness stand I decline.

That sounds right to me, except you invite the clerk to examine the bundle.
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