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Full Version: Mobile Camera placed 50 yards before permanent Gatso
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On my return journey from work, I have to go up a steep hill and at the top of the hill is a permanent Gatso. It is only on one side of the road and
catches those going into town.

Anyway, on my way home on Friday, about 50yards before this Gatso, was a police van parked up with a camera behind an open back window. The back end was facing down the hill (facing towards oncoming traffic).

I was doing 44mph in a 40mph road.

What I would like to know is - is it legal to take front facing pictures?

If they were taking front facing pictures, what the hell were they doing
this for when there is a camera 50 yards further up that takes back end pictures.  Surely this then proves it is a money making scheme.

I'm very annoyed that it was there just before a stationery Gatso.

Is this legal?
QUOTE (paris)
What I would like to know is - is it legal to take front facing pictures?

Yes they can, however, the prosecution may not be able to use the photographic evidence to identify the driver and this link may help you to understand why.
Hi paris

I was doing 44mph in a 40mph road.
Which if that was your clock speed is v close to an actual 40mph so don't worry!
is it legal to take front facing pictures?

Yes.   Although identification of the driver is not allowed. Edit Mika beat me to this one  :D

Surely this then proves it is a money making scheme
Nothing new here then  icon_wink.gif    However the justification is that it avoids panic braking for the camera - those above the limit will have already been 'caught'.

Is this legal?

Yes (at least nothing in your post to suggest otherwise)

Can Video evidence be used to identify the driver?

Recently got a nip for 82 in a 70 on a dual carriageway from a mobile. Both my wife and I has used the car that day, and as it is a company car, the nip was 5 weeks after the event. I won the argument, and put her name down on the form.

We had a letter several weeks later suggesting that the video evidence did not appear to support our driver nomination, and if we did not change, they would put it before the court. The letter invited me to book an appointment to view the video.

I called and asked what the problem was. The nice lady on the phone typed away on a keyboard, pulling up a photo, and said that the person in the photo did not look like a woman.

I asked her if she had met my wife laugh.gif

So, we filled in the form with my name, and got the 3pts 60quid.

Police was Cambs

Anyone else experienced anything like this?
Was it Legal?

Steve icon_toilet.gif
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