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Hi Guys,

Down my street there is a disabled bay within the CPZ. Being a busy CPZ (more so when there is an Arsenal game on), CPZ permit holders/anyone just park in the disabled bay whenever it suits them. Therefore, when all other space is taken and disabled driver comes along (such as a friend of mine) there is no where to park. The neighbouring CPZ has match day restrictions but ours doesn't - so on a match day our streets are packed with Arsenal shirted drivers.

Each time my friend can't park in the disabled bay due to a non-badge holder being in it, I have phoned the lovely people at Islington Parking Services for help. Each time I get the same line 'its outside of the CPZ hours - there is nothing we can do'. To which I remind them of the 24/7 disabled bay sign but the response is still fairly incoherent but they always insist they are right and everyone else is wrong.

Can you check the pics below and give me your opinion on the disabled bay validity and whether the lovely people at Islington parking enforcement are talking out of their a**e (I'm sure they've been on a course) ohmy.gif

The sign by the disabled bay:

CPZ sign;
the cpz hours are irrelevant - the bay is 24/7 blue badge only

whta the counci mean is that they cant be bothered to enforce - pesumably
they have a badly negotiated contract with a company

i suggets you contact the councils disabilty office and expalin the problem

the council is acting unlawfully under disabilty legislation i think
report them under disability discrimination for their poor attitude. theres a commision been set up by the government to complain to.

Clearly they dont thinkn theres enough money to be made by travelling into an out of hours CPZ where they will only be able to issue one PCN instead of issuing a handful of PCN's in an in force CPZ
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