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Full Version: Parking appeal for removal of vehicle
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My street has recently had a parking suspension in place to allow Thames Water to renew the water mains. They completed their works on a Thursday and removed all their equipment from the street however the parking suspension remained in place. On a monday night I parked my vehicle in this area as I observed that there were already other vehicles parked in the suspended area so I assumed incorrectly that the suspension had been lifted as the works had been completed.

When I got up the next morning at 7:45 the car was gone, although other cars including the one next to mine remained although it had been issued with a PCN. I called the parking enforcement office who informed me that the car had been removed at 07.35. When I went to collect the car at the pound they gave me all the relevant doccumentation and I discovered that the PCN was issued at 07.29 the vehicle was authorised for removal at 07.32 and was removed at 07.35. This gave me a total of 6 minutes from when the PCN was issued to realise that the car was incorrectly parked and move it. I think this is unreasonable. Is there anything which states that a certain ammount of time must elapse between issuing a PCN and towing the car away especially if it it is not causing any obstruction?

when I returned home I discovered that the car which was parked right next to mine was still parked in a suspended bay with a PCN attached but it remained there all day. Surely this is discrimination as this car was as illegally parked as mine was but fortunately got away with a £60 PCN where as I had to pay £260 for exactly the same offence. Is there anything I can do about this?
No minimum time, unless you were in a valid parking space (a suspended bay would probably not count).

Your best bet will be to post ALL of the documents you got at the pound. This forum helps lots of peopel get their tow money refunded due to inadequate paperwork.
Neil B
Wot he said ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 

and --- how do you know it was removed at 7.35?


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