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Full Version: PCN in a road which changes from one hour parking to resident parking. I think the lines are wrong. Can someone confrim?
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I found a PCN on my car yesterday after I unintentionally parked in a residents parking bay. These spaces are along a road that has mostly restricted one hour parking. I was unaware that there was residents parking along that road, assumed it was more one hour parking, and so did not bother to check the sign.

Is there any requirement for there to be a sign which states the change in restriction along a road which has parking with different restrictions?

Well, regardless of that, it looks like I have lucked out by the road marking being incorrect on the bay I parked in. Could somebody confirm this for me please? The bay is a long bay and is marked out by a broken white line (dashes) At the each end of the bay, where it meets the yellow lines, there is a double white line. From reading around on here, I understand that the end of bay markers ought to be single lines and not 2 parrallel lines. Is that correct?

I would never knowingly park in a place I was not allowed to park. I had no reason to think that this road contained residents parking bays when most of the road is given over to restricted one hour parking. The residents parking bays are outside of large houses with walled front gardens and parking-space a plenty - which is why it did not even register that there would be residents parking at that end of the street when the rest of it is restricted to one hour. Hmmmm.... annoying.

To give you accurate advice we need photos of the bay markings and signage. If able take some photos and upload, it may be worth your while.
Thank you. I plan to go out and take photographs tomorrow. I will post them here if I am able.
Host the pictures on Tinypic and see this
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