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Hi there,

I was in Manchester on 7/5/09, and I found a place to park.

On this wall it stated that it was private land and Imperial security patrol this area and that clamping was in operation.

I parked on the other side of this site, where there was no notices, away from any other cars and parked up.

Went for a quick bite to eat with family, and 30 minutes later there and behold was that lovely yellow clamp on my wheel.

I had to pay £125 to get it released.

I was told if I didn't pay it, a tow truck would take my car away and it would go up to £425 +£50 a day storage! angry.gif

Please help me out

Like I said there was no sign where I parked, only on the wall on the other side of the site.

Can you post up all the paperwork you have please?
The only thing (most important) was a receipt of me giving them the £125

On this receipt it states the the company name :Imperial Secruity
Where my car was: Mirabel street car park
and a name and number not sure what it is(guessing its the land owner)

That license number is current and registered to Marcel Williams.

First, did you pay by card?

By the way, they always say the tow truck is on the way. It's one of their little games. What you should have done is sat in the car and refused to budge. It's illegal to tow a car with someone in it.
Dammit, I wish I stayed in.

No payed by cash as that was the only way they would take it.

Another of their usual tricks. Report them to the Inland Revenue for possible tax evasion while you're about it.

OK so you'll need to take them to the small claims court to get your money back. To help advise you on this, we need some information:

-A scan of the reciept and any other paperwork they have given you. Remove your details, any ticket number, and the time/date first.

-A picture of their sign/s at the location

-A map of the area, with the entry points and the locations of their signs marked.

-The name of the landowner. This is important! Land registry can tell you this.

Look in the FAQ for details of hosting and posting images here.
Ok i'll nip into manchester today to get these pictures.

Give me a day or 2 to post the pictures
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