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Full Version: CP PLUS Parking Sign
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Hi All
Found this at Heston Services such a lovely sign (sorry bit blurred)

So, if you don't pay they have lost £8.

Yet they want £80 if you don't.

So ten times their actual loss. Numpties.
whose loss ? who owns the land ?

Who owns the services?
If you fail to pay or display a valid voucher or park incorrectly or park in a non-designated area or conduct any commercial activity a Parking Charge Notice will be issued.

So, if you display a valid voucher you'll get a PCN??

i dont think they understand english as what she is spoken proper like

innit !
This thread is disturbing.

These guys think the charges are ok and legal.
How can you possibly display a valid voucher... they are telling you to pay by mobile phone wtf ? numb nuts
i wonder if their service station operators licence or planning permission allow
them to charge for parking ?
heston services on the M4 are maintaned by MOTO not sure about owner
The sign looks like it has been painted by the 4 year olds at a local shools reception class.
This looks like an unenforceable invoice menu from the local dogs dinners take away.
Make sure you dunt go owt near to that place as tha might get a bit of silly sign phobia.
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