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Full Version: cumbernauld parking
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hi need some advice got a ticket this morning for parking in a empty carpark next to the oldinns petrol station cumbernauld its from central ticketing the carpark caters for a chinese restuarant that was closed only went in to station to get morning papers was no more than 5min what should i do now i'm so mad ohmy.gif
Ignore, it's a PPC ticket. A scam. You'll get a few threatening letters and then they'll move on and hassle someone else.

Plenty of threads here about the PPC ticket scam.
agree - ignore it
thanks will do what you say but what is ppc?
Private Parking Company

They have no power to issue tickets.
QUOTE (pigswillfly @ Tue, 5 May 2009 - 17:58) *
thanks will do what you say but what is ppc?

Its not a ticket, its an invoice, inviting you to pay something you dont owe as a unfair and illegal penalty against a breach of a contract you never agreed to enter into.

Its unenforceable bollox, a type of scam that relies on peopel not knowing the truth, falling for the lies and empty threats, and paying up.

You have more chance of winning the lottery than being taken to court by these jokers.
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