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Full Version: ID the driver
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depends if your judged as the keeper or not and if its you company car you prpb are

in that case you need to dot a few Is

detail how you dont know and how you narrowed it down to 5,ask all the divers to check their credit cards mobile phone records etc. they off course dont need to tell YOU anything but you can ask, if its work mobiles, CC you could write to the firm asking them to check ? they may be relutant to tell you and quote the data protection act. its all nonsense but helps show you tried

as for the named persons, they would not be the keeper ? they dont need to show reasonable diligence, just give info they have, ie it wernt me guv( if of course it wasnt)
Pete D
If it was a scamera van then you could go and make an appointment and view the video, there may be a better shot. Do not say anything or answer any questions regarding the driver. Thank them and leave. Have you tried processing the image in Photoshop or the like. Do you keep a log book of the users of the car and did you hand the keys out that day ? Is the vehicle taxed on your P11D. Pete D
Please visit the READ ME FIRST section (Click Here), answer all the questions in the NIP Wizard (including the detailed questions reached by clicking on the Additional Questions button on the second page), and the Wizard will then post its output back here to enable us to help you.
was the nip to you or the company

if youve answered as an officer of the company, the offence is the companies not yours

did you name your self
Pete D
You can make an appointment and view the video at the camera unit offices. If you do just view it a few times if you want and request a still if you find a section with a view on the driver, thank them and leave do not answer questions regarding the offence. Pete D
The Rookie
It would help if you can describe what happens to 'your' car during the day, do you keep the keys and hand them out to whoever asks for them, or are they held centrally? Why is no log kept?

NIP wizard (link top right) PLEASE.

Its REASONABLE not DUE dilligence (less onerous).

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