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new to this but hear goes! My son has been charged with side windows being tinted above legal limit of 70% his were 38%.

The test carried out was a single test on the window but tintman the manufacturer recommends 3 No sample tests and an average value obtained, which again is written in the police authority policies.

We shall be challenging the charge based on this annomily, any views please.

I wish you luck but don't think it will get your son of the offence. You say policies but what documents are you actually referring too ?

What are his tints rated at? Or is it just the procedure of measuring them that you are bringing in to question?
if they are not compliant the possible defects in test will not help you
QUOTE (Teufel @ Mon, 27 Apr 2009 - 19:03) *
if they are not compliant the possible defects in test will not help you

Zed Victor One
Usually do them diagonally across the window top, middle, bottom, irrespective of this I think at only 38% you'll be struggling to get it thrown out on the grounds that the procedure was floored as your not exactly talking marginally under the limit. It usually results in a prohibition in this neck of the woods meaning you can't even drive your car home.
The Rookie
With ZV1, 38% is so far below 70% there is little point in mincing around with multiple checks, he's bang to rights and may as well be a man and accept it and move on.

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