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Full Version: Do I need to be stopped?
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Tonight, at dusk, while driving along a section of dual carriageway, doing about 85, I cam round an easy bend to find a patrol car sat in a little lane at 90 degress to the carriageway. As soon as I spotted the car I braked and as I got within about 50 foot of the patrol car, the officer put down his speed gun and started his engine, and looking in the mirror after I had passed him, he moved to the edge of the road to pull out. He waited for the next car to pass then pulled out. I carried on at a legal speed for about another 5 miles before I pulled off the dual carriageway. All the time I was on the dual carriageway, I could see his headlights about 1/2 a mile behind, but he didn't follow me or pull me over? Can I still get a ticket if he hasn't pulled me over? If he was 'after' me and I pulled off the dual carriageway and he missed it, I presume I can't be done for 'evading' him can I? Nothing sinister in this question, I just assumed he must have been after me and was surprised whn he didn't follow me.

Whilst an alleged speeding offence can be dealt with solely by post (ie no need to pull the driver over), a proper police officer (as opposed to a Safety Camera drone) would almost certainly have stopped you if he felt it was warranted.
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