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Hi, this is my first post.

My wife was using her mobile whilst stopped at the traffic lights and just after when she saw what appeared to be a police officer in either an unmarked car on his was home (he was alone but in uniform) she instantly ended the call and put the phone down, but he followed her for a while and then followed her in to a small trading estate where she was heading, but then all of a sudden did a u turn and went out again.

Can she expect something through the post, or perhaps it was a case of something more important came up, and thats the end of it?

Heres hoping.

Thank you.
Sorry, crystal balls bu**ered! Perhaps he just fancied her? cool.gif
err - you might follow women around who you fancy but i dont think there are many who do. Have you tried talking to them?

I guess my question is about usual protocol - surely the usual thing to do would be to pull someone over and issue a fixed penalty, rather than pursue it later on?
the following is strange, if he wanted to pull her he would have there and then, or send it through the post theres no milage in trailing round the town after her

is she convinced it was a copper and not some secuity guard on a power trip

if it her car ie she on the log book, if she doesnt hear in 14 days she is in the clear
Mr Curiosity
They've actually got 6 months. Its not an offence that needs a nip so the 14 day rule doesn't apply. Sure if he was going to deal then he would've done so there and then. I wouldn't worry about it.
Hi Mr Curiosity

I thought as much, its not the end of the world in the worst case anyway.

Thanks very much
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