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Full Version: Speed camera / limit reduced without any warning
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On the A435 south of Studley Warwickshire 2 digital cameras are located in a 40mph street lit limit.

Recently the limit has been changed from 40 to 30 so - the large illuminated round red circle 40 mph signs and the repeaters on the south approach to the cameras have all been removed and replaced with one small camera sign with a 30 on it that can be easily missed. Also no warning signs that the speed limit has changed are in place.

I have been recently sailing past these 2 cameras every day between 30 to 40 mph with my GPS Road Angel happily telling me its ok to do so. To do a double check I looked at the Warwickshire safety camera web sight only to find that these cameras are not even listed - as confirmed when I contacted Road Angel to find out why their database has not been updated.

I am now confused and worried that any time soon I will get an avalanche of NIP's through my letterbox as a result of this.

If I do what will I be able to do about it.
Black Rat
There have been a shed load of speed changes in Warwickshire.
Hi - had a reply from the Warwickshire Safety Camera Partnership as shown below.

1 - What do they mean by a short bedding in period !!

2 - The signing is correct ? - I cannot see any warning signs re diagram 7032 travelling south in relation to the new speed limit but there is one going north placed below the new 30mph sign at a weird angle facing away from the main road at a junction.

I can't see how any of this has been considered in relation to south bound traffic and to be fair to road users it would be nice if some form of warning as per 7032 was installed to clearly indicate that the limit has now been changed.

Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you for your email. You may find our FAQ pages of use:

Basically, there is a short bedding in period whenever a new limit has been installed and therefore you should be ok on this occasion. Obviously, it would be wise to stick to the new limit now as the cameras may operate at any time. The signing is correct and follows statutory guidance on signing.

For info, camera functionality is a Police issue, therefore we cannot provide information on operational issues.

Yours sincerely

Road Safety Liaison Officer
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