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Full Version: M4 Camera Van - South Wales!
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Hi folks, I was driving along the M4 near to the early 30 junctions into Wales the other day and came round a bend to be greated by a camera van sat on the bridge!! I think it was a transit... Now when they are sat on the bridge do they usually have the side door open to capture people on the motorway as when I was going towards it I saw that the offside sliding door of the van was closed so hoping not to have been captured as I may just have reached the ACPO speed!

Any advice from any local people who use that bit of road would be great!

Thanks :-)
if the doors were shut ?,you should be all right
Thanks for that, I think it was a transit with the camera sign on the side near the back and therefore the door couldnt have been open or I wouldnt be able to see the sign. Do you know if they have windows in the side doors of the vans? I'm presuming they use the same type of vans??
QUOTE (boocameras @ Tue, 21 Apr 2009 - 14:41) *
Do you know if they have windows in the side doors of the vans?

I would imagine it would be an extremely safe bet that a van which was positioned side on, enforcing motorway traffic from an overbridge, would have side windows fitted.
there not supposed to use them though windows, or rather through glass

prob just arrived and was having a scive
Yeah didnt think they were, I cant remember whether it was a window or a Think! sign?! I know some places use tripods with the door open rather than windows!

Trying to weigh up the odds of an NIP landing on my door mat!
A tripod mounted camera on a motorway overbridge (if you see one) is more likely to be ANPR than speed enforcement.
Yeah I know they're normally used for ANPR...just wondering whether anyone actually knows what the vans normally look like on the M4 bridge to try and see which side of the bridge they will have been pinging.
The Rookie
My local crew use the cameras out of an OPEN side window, so the relevance of not using through glass would be?

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