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Full Version: A NIP through the post
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The process so far...

1. Recieved NIP
2. Wrote back to Police asking for photgraphic evidence so possibility of cloned number plate could be considered.
3. Got photos - was my car - DAMN. Speed was 58 in a 40 in West London. Got by mini-gatso

So - I now have two choices.
An Agent could fill in the form OR I can take the FPN which shouldn't be too much...

If the later then there is no issue - but the concept offends me in a lot of
ways that I would quite like to get pissy.

So - Option 2 - Get Pissy

It seems to me that the Yorke case just about kills the speeding issue as long as an Agent has filled in the form then the CPS has no evidence and thus no case - thats the way things look to me.

However what about the S172 issue which is where I am a little less clear. Has anyone been through the whole process yet and have a story to tell?

I am looking at this as a risk/reward sort of issue.
If Option1 then 3-5 points + £100-00 fine.

The pissy option - the risk is a lot higher and the reward is zero points and no fine (and I wonder whether there would be a possibility of getting costs back if found not guilty). Has anyone actually been convicted under S172 or is there so far no result....

The S172 bit I am less clear on - can anyone help clarify?
jimmy ferrari
As of yet there are no known cases of anyone being done for S172, the CPS has dropped all cases at pre trial, the issue of signing the document is still to come to court and be ruled on, from what I can determine with present information, tichurst, wilkie and owens from what I have researched did not make rulings on the signing of the document, their cases were for different matters.
have a good look through the Judicial Process forum postings, you will find all the information you need, or write a PM to Mika he will be able to provide the 'links' afraid I'm not up to speed on that yet.

best of luck
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