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Full Version: Dont know What to do, please HELP
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On the 09/08/08 I was stopped by single officer in unmarked car and I think I was doing about 50 or 55 on 40mph. First he accused me of street racing because there were other cars speeding and they were doing more than me. Then he said he would take me to court and he has everything on tape. I asked him to show me because I didn’t think every thing he was true, he said he had to do 120mph to catch me.

When we went to his car to view the video it wasn’t there, couldn’t see it. He said he is having technical problems but he’ll sort it out when he goes to the station. Because of that he decided to give me fixed penalty notice and he said that I should consider my self lucky.

I wrote to the police asking for video told me cant see it. And when I wrote second time asking for it they said I could only see it if I go court. It took two months to reply for my two letters.

I filled the back of penalty notice asking to go court and tell the judge that’s the only I could see the video. By this time my license was surrendered to the police.

didn’t hear nothing till 6 months after the offence getting a letter from HMCS to pay £90 fine for offence and after my license back with three points on it. No date of conviction only date of offence.

I wrote to the police again twice now no reply and court gave 28 days to resolve this matter and don’t know what to do now ohmy.gif .

Any suggestion would really appreciate.

Thanks 54MMY

Since you received a letter from HMCS there seems little point in writing to the police. Phone the court and ask them if a summons had been laid against you and what is going on.
had to read that a couple of times

it seems that the summons went missing and they heard the case in you absence

you can make a statutory deceleration under ( I think ) section 14 of the mags act to have the case re summonsed and reheard

you need to considerer if there any point in doing so, as you admitted to speeding, you have a copper and probably a calibrated speedo against you, even if they have lost the vid

and a 90 quid fine isnt bad at all
thanks for the reply

i didnt admit speeding and if it was a £90 fine only it wouldt be so bad, i am just trying to avoid the 3 point.

So do you guys think i should pay the fine and have 3 points or call the court with a view to making a statutory declaration under section 72 of the 1988 road traffic offenders act, stating that i requested a court hearing within the permitted time limit.

thanks you

Do you have a defence to the speeding?
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