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Full Version: Speeding fine in Australia- will I get points?
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I have received notice of a speeding fine received whilst in a rental campervan whilst in Tasmania. I have a UK license and live in the UK (return in 6 weeks).

Will I receive points on my UK license for this??

Please reply asap. I'm very worried.

The Rookie
More details would help.

If you are using your UK licence in Australia, and some sort of speeding fine has turned up in the UK from Tasmania my advice would be to ignore it, don't contact anyone about it.

You certainly don't get any points, and the Australian authorities have no way of making you pay.

Make sure the hire car company hasn't tried to put some sort of charge on your card for passing your details on - if they have report it to the credit card company as an unauthorised transaction and get a refund.
Yes, we were using UK licences whilst driving in Tasmania. The rental company has passed our details on and said that the authorities will send us a letter to UK address. However, we're still travelling at the moment and will therefore not receive the letter until we get back in 6 weeks. Also, we were both driving and don't know which of us was actually caught speeding.

We don't mind actually paying, as we are worried that it may affect us in the future coming to Australia etc. However, if we pay will we get points then? It's not the money that worries us, it's the points!

Thanks in advance for your help

Your question has been answered twice already - no, you will not get points.
The reason that you will not get points on your UK licence is because the only authority able to put points on your UK licence is the UK courts. UK courts do not have jursdiction over offences committed in Australia, or any other country for that matter, so you will get no points.

I got points placed on my American licence last year by an American court for speeding over there but obviously my British licence was not affected.
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