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Full Version: Points not put on licence, possible admin error
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Hi, hopefully someone can advise me.

I was stopped for speeding, admitted the offence and took the 3 points and £60 tax option.
Handed in my licence at local police station.
Posted cheque for fine. Check has been cashed.
But 2 months since I handed my licence in, I have not received it back.
I rang DVLA and they said they had not received anything from court and no points had been added.

So, my questions are:
1. Is there a time limit within which points must be added by the court? If so what is it and if it's passed am I entitled to licence back without points added?
2. If there is no time limit, what would be legal situation if I just wait a bit longer and then apply for a replacement licence without mentioning the points issue?

Thanks in anticipation,

if the points never make it as far as the dvla, they don't exist, i would be surprised if they loost it they loose everything else

wait awhile and apply for a dup licence
Thanks, do you or anyone know if there is a legal time limit within which the court must put them on?
4 years id guess
If you handed your licence into the police staion, then why would the court have it? It would surely remain with the scammers. Not sure if it would be wise to get a duplicste licence when you know you should have points. It may invalidate your insurance if you don't declare them.
Because I thought the process was, hand in at police station, they pass on to court who do the formalities of the conviction and then pass on to DVLA to have the points added...
Don't give your licence to the cops - they will lose it! Happened to me with Norfolk Constabulary and I had to pay to get a new one.

they tell the dvla electronically

however the points dont exists until they do

so if they cock it up your on a winner
However, they do exist for insurance purposes!
You are asked if you have any driving offences in the last 5 years, to which you have to say yes, even if the point are not on your licence, as the court has issued them even their admin is too useless to get it on your licence
Thanks 2020. But how can I find out if court has indeed issued them. What if the admin error is between police and court, then surely they don't exist as a conviction?
You could ask the court if you know which one processes them for that office. They should have records of what they've done and might tell you.
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