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Full Version: tower hamlets tow away
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hello all
yesterday 26th march 2009 i took my friend to get some fish and chips i parked at topmast point on the isle of dogs, we looked around for parking restriction signs and we could not see any, off we went to pick up our fish and chips 5 minutes later i returned and no car, a man came out of the took arms pub and told me that my car had been towed i said to him where is the sign to say that this is a tow away area, he pointed to a sign turned to face the wall i was gob smacked, off we went to levenroad and £200 later i got the car back, i have not recieved a pcn notice the sign was not visible from the road only if you had your back to the health centre wall and looked up, another nice man came out of the took arms and took photos of the sign, and me with the sign to show that i could not reach the sign to move it, have i got any chance of getting my money back? as much as i love fish and chips but not at £200 a portion
thanks any advice would be much appreciated
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Photos following:

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<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
Sounds like another private towing by TH.
Is this a tow from somewhere other than the road? Who towed you?

Show us all your docs.
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