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Im not sure if im doing this right as new member to this site!!!

My daughter was picking a friend up from Weatherspoons in my local area and as a new driver she thought this was the pubs carpark and just parked in the permit holders only parking bay as it was 8.45pm and their was no other parking spaces. She basically run in to get her friend and use the loo and when she came out she had a ticket from VALID PARKING!

My daughter was just going to pay this fine before the 14 days were up as the fine then goes up to £95. It was only when i was reading the notice that i noticed that this company are using a PO Box add and i just thought anybody could slap these tickets on.
This is when i found this site.

Do i get her to pay it or do i fight it???
I am worried that i will receive court proceedings if she doesnt pay it and i will have my name blacklisted
Can anybody help please
Transit man
QUOTE (NAFFEDDRIVER @ Sun, 22 Mar 2009 - 11:08) *
Do i get her to pay it or do i fight it???

Neither biggrin.gif

What you have received is an unenforceable invoice, what amounts to no more than a scam.

DO NOT REPLY TO THEM as this will get you on their "hooked fish" list & they will believe you will eventually pay.

KEEP IGNORING ALL CORRESPONDENCE You will get several (ever more threatening letters), keep ignoring


They will not take you to court (they would lose)

They will not send in bailiffs (they cannot as they need to win in court first)

Look up any number of threads on this site for confirmation.
QUOTE (NAFFEDDRIVER @ Sun, 22 Mar 2009 - 11:08) *
i noticed that this company are using a PO Box add and i just thought anybody could slap these tickets on.

I'm thinking of setting up my own PO money box!

As Transit Man said, file the 'invoice' and remind your daughter to keep her eyes peeled for similar scam artists (they're everywhere) - passing the driving test isn't the hard part - its keeping hold of your hard earned cash once you do! biggrin.gif
We know "Valid" - and they aren't !

Ignore them. Use the search box in top right hand corner of screen.

Thanks to everyone that has replied to my post!!!

So basically i just ignore all the letters i recieve from them??
Sounds like my gut reactions were right then

I noticed that someone had posted their notice on here i dont have to do this do i??

Thanks again for all ur replies and it might be worth informing weatherspoons of this scam

Naffeddriver ( HAPPY NOW biggrin.gif )
nope. we know what they look like !
as a policy posting PPC invoices not a good idea as just about all PPCs have a look on here.
(as do the SCPs and the CPS)

they will plaugue and try to trap you.

when posting about PPC invoices it is good policy to never say
who was driving
anything that can identify you case (date, time, vehicle details etc)
who the RK of the vehicle is.

Just like not contacting them at all.
far better to let them waste money sending their letters (reverse the PPC business model ! smile.gif ) - which uniformally break statutes by the bucket load (often to criminal proportions).

Transit man
QUOTE (NAFFEDDRIVER @ Sun, 22 Mar 2009 - 17:49) *
it might be worth informing weatherspoons of this scam

If Tescos, Maplins, Mcdonalds, Sainsbury's, NHS owned hospitals & the countless other major corporations who feel that it is necessary to use these scum you are wasting your time rolleyes.gif

Yes, I did say hospitals, they also use these scum & accept the fact that they issue unenforceable invoices even though they (must surely?) know they have no standing in law.
You got sum good advice here, and importantly do not give too much information about what where and when as careless talk can cost ££££££'s.
QUOTE (Transit man @ Sun, 22 Mar 2009 - 19:56) *
Yes, I did say hospitals, they also use these scum & accept the fact that they issue unenforceable invoices

including some which issue "Fixed Penalty Notices" to their patients.
I received my first letter from VALID PARKING LTD!!!

Enclosed was a request for payment, a photo of the car ( side view???) and info from how they get their info from dvla.

I have spoken to Trading Standards who have told me that if the permit holders part of car park doesnt have any times on the sign ie 24hrs 6am -6pm then they havent got a leg to stand on!!!

More tickets were given out by VALID PARKING LTD last night in the same location.
Police were called to the location as the parking attendent was blocked in and the police said what he is doing is legal???????

I dont understand??
Any replies would be welcome huh.gif
It's all gibberish.

What's to stop you setting up a parking company and distributing "tickets" ? Nothing.. that's what. And that's exactly what they've done.

Do nothing with their begging letters; aside from making a nice paper mache egg for Easter.
Of course what he is doing is legal. It isnt illegal to stick tickets on a car.
You dont have to obey the tickets he is sticking on though
You'd be surprised at the sheer cluelessness and apathy from various organisations. That's how these scamster get away with it.

They don't take people to court (but obviously make it sound like they do every time) so they go to town with the fraudulent paperwork.

TS are probably right about the unenforceability due to signage, but omit to mention that the ticket is unenforceable in any instance.

PC Plod might know about criminal law, but he'll be clueless about civil matters. It's legal to hand out invoices, but not invoices masqerading as penalty tickets.
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