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Full Version: PCN in Harrow
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Hi Guys,

It's been a while!

I received an interesting PCN last night in Harrow - links to images:

I'm not sure why I have been given a PCN as I was parked on a single yellow which I highly doubt is controlled at 11pm although I will check next time I'm there.

I was not parked on the pavement at all, there is no dropped curb where I parked and my front and rear wheels were fairly close to the curb (a couple of inches).

The only thing I can think of is that I was parked quite close to a 'junction', although carefully parked so as not to cause any obstruction. Harrow on the Hill is the kind of place where many of the places people park are probably technically not permitted due to distance from junctions etc. but as long as you don't park stupidly it seems to be ok.

I guess the main question is if indeed I was ticketed for being too close to the junction, can contravention code "01 Parking in a restricted street during prescribed hours" be used for this and does its use render the PCN invalid?

I will obviously revisit the scene of the 'crime' and look for any other reasons why a PCN may have been issued, so I would also value your opinions as to the general legitimacy of the PCN.

Many thanks in advance,

It can't be Pavement parking, dropped kerb or "parking close to a junction", seeing as the contravention is "restricted street".

It must the the single yellow. I am not sure if there are any CPZs in harrow, but if you were inside a CPZ this would allow them to ticket you on a single yellow outside normal hours.

Google Streetview has told me the awful truth that this is in fact a brutal single yellow with timings of 8am --> Midnight! (and clearly my car being there at 11pm is of genuine concern to the public)

So, if anybody is able to advise on the legitimacy of the PCN itself I would be very grateful!

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