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hi im just writting for some advice. today i went to pick up a friends daughter up from her school. the road and it had double yellow lines so i decided to pull up on the grass verge and wait for her to come out. i wasn't obstructing the path or the road so i thought that this was fine. as i was waiting and a gentelman came out from one of the houses and asked me not to park there anymore as i might damage the grass. i oppologised and said that i was waitng for a friends daughter and that i wont do it again. he said ok and left it at that. just before i was about to pull off a lady came out of another house with a digital camera and took a photo of my car parked on the verge then went back into her house.

there were no signs saying that i couldnt park on the verge but after scanning the fAQ and other threads on the site i realise that i was probally parked illegally. is there anything that this lady can do in order to have me procecuted? can fines be dished out using the publics evidence?
in general no
If Civil Parking Enforcement is operated by the council then no the lady's photo cannot lead to a penalty charge being issued as a PCN can only be served following observation made by a Civil Enforcement Officer or an approved device (certified CCTV).

If a CEO/warden had been present then they could have issued a PCN for parking in a "restricted street during prescribed hours" as a double yellow line (a single one too) restriction runs from the center of the carriageway to the building line. In many areas parking other than on the carriageway is a contravenion regardless of the yellow line issue.

Who is your local authority?

It may be worth giving their Parking Dept a call as quite often a grace period is offered around school start and finish times to allow for picking up kids while on yellow lines. Some councils offer between 5 and 10 minutes.

Unless you recieve a ticket from the council then you have nothig to worry about.
The woman was just trying to make a point.
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