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Full Version: Speeding at night question
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Hi all,

Had the police follow my partner the other day around 23:30pm on the Motorway. They were a long way behind but she was driving over the 70MPH limit......possibly over 100MPH. We then saw them flash their blue lights - again from a long way back, and it was at this pont that she slowed down to 70MPH. they caught up and drove along side us and then pulled off the motorway. They never stopped us. It was pitch black at the time also.

Should we be concerned?

All the best.
Chances are they would have stopped your vehicle if they had wanted to 'have a word'.

Sounds like they were simply handing out a friendly warning..

Same thing happened to me at 4.30 in the morning a few years ago. Same sort of speed, not a rabbit in sight let alone another car. Flashed us, drove in front of ust at 70mph for a mile then pulled off a slip road. I followed off in the certainty I'd been pulled but they just continued and went on their way.
Now that's what policing is all about. Personal observation and discretion where it isn't a problem.
I really hope i do not get a N.I.P. in the next 14days.

Thanks for the replies guys.....has made me feel a lot less stressed about it.

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