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Full Version: speeding but no proof help plz
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hi all, i got pulled for doing 60 in a 50 zone on a dual carrigeway but when the copper pulled me he said i was doing around 85 which is a load of crap. he didnt offer me a fixed penalty just said to hand my documents in to the police station and he'll see me in court. when he gave me the form with all my details on i signed it but then lookin at later it he's ticked the box sayin no (accompanied) but i was with my 2 friends at the time and also he hasnt ticked any boxes in the "reason for issue" catorgery. so it doesnt say what i'm actually gettin done for. also it was dealt with next to my car and not in the back of his so there is no proof of our conversation because he mentioned my 2 friends in the car. there is no proof of me speeding and i didnt admit to anythin. i'd be very greatfull 4 any help thanks!!!!!!
Hotel Oscar 87
The document you have undoubtedly been given is a "producer" which relates simply to your being required to produce the identified documents at a nominated police station within 7 days. This form is of no evidential value and if the offier has failed to complete it, as you believe he should, then this is of no relevance whatsoever to the matter for which it sounds as though you have been reported for summons.

At the 85mph alleged you are above the guideline limit for the issue of a fixed penalty. The type of penalties that you could be looking at on conviction at court (based on a guilty plea) is a fine of between 125 and 175% of your "relevant weekly income" (gross minus tax and NI), a short-term ban of between 7 and 56 days or 6 points. As the speed it is alleged you were doing is right at the top of the scale then it would not be wholly unreasonable for you to expect a heavier sentence and this might well be compounded by the fact that you had passengers. I'm guessing that you are a relatively newish driver and the 6 points might be of relevance if you have obtained you licence within the last 2 years (and especially if you already have points) with regard to the poissible revokation of your licence under the New Drivers Act.

Insofar as the "evidence" he may or may not have it is sufficient evidence to convict that the officer formed an opinion of your speed (that it was over the posted limit) and that he then measured you speed using a radar or laser gun, VASCAR/Police Pilot or carried out a follow check for a distance of over 2 tenths of a mile. There is no legal requirement that this be video-ed or that the conversation he had with you be recorded for it to be admissible at court.

I'm sorry that this is not what you want to hear but it is nevertheless the law.

The next thing that you should receive is a summons. This may take anything up to 2 months to arrive but could well arrive before that or even as long as 6 months (though if it took that long there are some checks that should be done with regard to when the summons was obtained in relation to the date of the offence i.e. it should be within 6 calendar months).

If and when you receive your summons post back for some further advice.
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