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Full Version: Curious as to the outcome
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Hi there,

I was pulled over for speeding at a speed of 53mph in a 30 mph zone. On a dual carridgeway (in what would possibly be regarded as a built up area during peak time) at 22:00 in Aberdeen. I have recieved my court citation and plead guilty to the offence. I'm sincerly sorry for what i have done but it has happened now and theres not much that i can do to rectify the situation. However there are a few things i wouldn't mind clearing up and i'm wondering if you can help me. 

Firstly on the summary of evidence sheet submitted to myself via recorded delivery it was stated that i was carrying passengers, specifically friends. Although i had no passengers with me at the time of the incident. Surely this will have some bearing on the integrity of case and the magistrates decision at a possible charge?

I'm also curious as to the outcome of the case as i'm in Scotland. I've had a clean licence since i passed my test at 17, 4 years ago. Will that help my case? What punishment can i expect from a speeding charge of this magnitude? I've tried the calculator but its not much use as i've tried entering 120 mph into the speed recorded box and its given me the same result as when i typed in 53 mph. I've had some input from a friend of the family who is an ex police chief constable who says it could be 3 points however reading some of the input on this site it seems VERY unlikely.

I appreciate any input. 


- Val
the calculator only works inside the sentecing guidelines

ie 120 is outside and would almost certainly land you with a dangerous charge and prison instead of a speeding

what it says is the likely out come

One of the officers had said that doing 53 in a 30 zone is an automatic 1 year ban though. Hense the confusion based on possible outcomes on this site.

- Val

they say all sort of shit based on them ether knowing F...all or just enjoying winding people up

i had one telling me jumping a red light was 6 points, when its only three

why dont you do the nip wizard and see if there are any issues


number of coppers

calibrated speedos ect
Its a minimum 1 year ban if you get charged with dangerous driver- and Scottish forces are pretty obsessed with givin out dangerous drivin charges. For this kinda speed I'd have thought it would be 5 or 6 points and a substantial fine

What exactly have you been charged with? Is dangerous driving mentioned?
good point
Hi there,

I was charged with wreckless driving, however the charges brought against me on the citation had no mention of the dangerous driving charge just the speed i was travelling at and location etc. A reference is made to road traffic regulation act 1984 section 84 and 89 if thats any use.

I didn't recieve a NIP at least i don't think so as they don't have to verify it was me driving the car at the time because they pulled me over and verified my identity by driving licence. I'm not going to contest the fact i was driving over the limit. I'm just wondering what the outcome could possibly be.

The speed was recorded using an Unipar laser device.

*Edit* I had actually written dangerous driving by accident :S Its definately wreckless driving, my mum never forgets thank god! Quite a bit of difference!

- val
Double-check what you were charged with and what you've been summonsed to court for. Either there an outstanding charge of reckless driving out there or there may have been an admin cockup...
The Rookie
More likely they just haven't progressed it, knowing they couldn't make it stick.

53 in a 30, unless there were obvious errors, turning up suited and booted pleading guilty and grovelling is usually the best way to minimise the sentance.

4 points and £150 fine.

Result! I'm very lucky.
Hotel Oscar 87
Agreed. Well done. This is basically the minimum you could have expected.
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