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Full Version: Six month rule
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I keep hearing about the six month rule but in reading this section of the traffic act it seems it could actualy be 3 years or am i wrong ?

The six months' time limit applies to most summary offences, but statutory exceptions do occur.

One exception is contained in section 6 Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988. This allows for the time to start running not from the date of the commission of the offence but “from the date on which evidence sufficient the opinion of the prosecutor to warrant the proceedings came to his knowledge.” However, no proceedings may be brought more than three years after the commission of the offence. Section 6 applies to the following sections referred to in Schedule 1

your right but slightly out of context

the 6 months from date of offence is for info to be laid with the court, which leaves another 2 and a half yours to take it to court,, but in all but exceptional circumstances, like the accused had gone missing, this would most likely constitute an abuse of process of process

the other issues, is caught between two stools. for offences which require a nip( most moving traffic offences) then its 14 days after for service of the nip or then cant prosecute. and as the offence is clearly know about the 6 months runs from offence.

for none nip offences, say no insurance, its 6 months from when the lack of insurance comes to light

for instance if following a hit and run it takes the police 6 months to find who was driving, only then could they find out they had no insurance, so they have 6 months from that point to lay info

hope thats clear

if not someone else will add
Where one of the limited offences is in question then the correct time period for laying an information is usually supplied to the OP (if relevant). Is this just a general comment thread or was there a particular question?
no i just noticed it while i was browsing a traffic law site and thought you guys may like to see it.
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