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Full Version: Red light offence - no offer for course
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Hi there,
i just got notice for contraverting red traffic light... which i did...
but they are not offering me a course? just 3 points and £60 fine..

is there anything i can do to get a course instead?...
this is the only time i accidentaly done that (40mph zone, wet, downhill - was scared to break sharply...)
but i already have 3 point for speeding.. so would like to avoid additional..


thank you
Assuming they actually run such a course (not all forces do), it would not do any harm to write/call them and ask. However if they haven't offered one, then I suspect your chances of success aren't too high.
How long have you had your license?
yes there is such course - Driver Awareness Course
which my mum has attahnded less than two month ago, due to same incedent on the same traffic light (yes, i know it's sound silly... but it happened)

i have my licence over two years.
They might be over their quota, i.e. no places available in the near future. Call them and ask, you never know, someone might have just cancelled.
IS there a course for red light offences?
i thought it was purely sac
Some forces do more generic "Driver" awareness courses (as opposed to the more common "Speed" awareness course).
ok, i'll try to ring them on Monday...
just to let you know
they do offer this course to some who met a cirtain criteria... i.e. it was under 1 secons when you got flashed on traffic camera.

unfortunately i was over... have to accept this.

any one knows when these point will run out?
say i got 3 point in july + 3 points now, will they all still clear out after 3 years from now?
They will cease to be valid for totting purposes three years from the date of the alleged offence.
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