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Full Version: A list of some of the acronyms used on this website
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Common Acronyms

ACPOAssociation of Chief Police Officers
AFAIKAs far as I know
AFAIUIAs far as I understand it
AIUIAs I Understand It
ANPRAutomatic Number Plate Recognition
BIBBoys in Blue (AKA police)
BoR1689 Bill of Rights
BTWBy the way
CCChief Constable
CCTVClosed Circut Television
COFPConditional Offer of Fixed Penalty
ECHR European Convention on Human Rights.
ECHREuropean Court of Human Rights
ECJEuropen Court of Justice
ECtHR European Court of Human Rights.
FPNFixed Penalty Notice
FTFY Fixed that for you
FWIWFor what it's worth
HAHighways Agency
HATOHighways Agency Traffic Officer
IIRCIf I recall correctly
IMHOIn my humble (or honest) opinion
IOWIn other words
LALocal Authority
LaserLight Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LidarLIght (beam) Distance And Ranging
LOLLaughing out loud
NIPNotice of Intended Prosecution
NTONotice to Owner (name of an official document?)
OPOriginal Poster
OTOHOn the other hand
PACEPolice And Criminal Evidence Act
PCNPenalty Charge Notice (sometimes Parking Charge Notice for those civil parking affairs)
PPOPrivate Parking Order
PTRPre Trial Review
RadarRAdio Distance And Ranging
RKRegistered Keeper
ROTFLRolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLMAORolling on the floor laughing my ass off
RTARoad Traffic Act
RTFMRead the f****** manual
RTOARoad Traffic Offenders Act 1988
RVLRRoad Vehicle Lighting Regulations
?SCP<county name> "safety" camera partnership
trafpolTraffic police officer
TruveloSouth African company who make weapons including shotguns and sniper rifles. Oh and "traffic law enforcement equipment"
TSRGDTraffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (usually 2002)
TWOCTaking Without Owner's Consent

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GSV Google Street View
LATOR is Local Authority Traffic Order Regulations 1996 and Section 18 is the relevant one.
What’s +1?

Seen it used a few times.
QUOTE (Cornish @ Tue, 30 Jan 2018 - 09:25) *
What’s +1?

Seen it used a few times.

It means, I agree
In the context of submitting a defense to the courts, what does DQ mean?
I suspect it's more likely that they're referring to a Directions Questionnaire.
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