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Full Version: Parking ticket not received - and wrong street
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Hi, hope you can help. On Christmas Eve, Lambeth Parking sent us a Notice to Owner: Contravention Code 16 Parked in a permit space without displaying a valid permit.

The contravention was apparently on 12/11/2008 in St Lukes Avenue, which is in SW4. My boyfriend was in SW4 that evening, but parked about 4 streets away, in Crescent Grove. The people he was visting gave him a Visitors Permit which he displayed in the van windscreen on the drivers side.

Plus: there wasn't a Parking Ticket on his van when he left. (If he'd got a ticket, he would have photographed the van with his mobile, to show the visitors permit in place!)

He's had a few tickets before, but we always pay them or appeal them within 14 days to get the discount. But in this case we've only received the NTO and not the ticket, so the amount is now £120.

I am hoping you'll be able to help us with how to appeal this based on (a) ticket not received and (b) parked in a different street.

Many thanks! Here is the NTO followed by the visitors permit ...

papewrowrk looks in order - is suggets u appeal as u explain above

most likely the thye just screwed up
Quite simple really - make representations in response to the NTO on the grounds that the contravention did not occur. State that the vehicle was parked several streets away, include a letter from who he was visiting and a copy of the permit. They should cancel. If not, go to adjudication.

If they reject your representations then write back asking for a copy of the PCN before going to the adjudicator.
Thanks for your help. As well as ticking 'The alleged contravention did not occur', should we also tick 'There has been procedural impropriety on the part of the enforcement authority' because they didn't put the ticket on the van?
Also they haven't provided any photos - can we ask to see photos or would they be produced at the adjudication stage?
Thanks again
Neil B
Just include in your appeal a request for any photo evidence they have and also a copy of the CEO's contemporaneous notes. Any failure to provide either weighs further against them.

Fairly starightforward case and you seemed to have it sorted from the word go. Should be ok.

Just let us know the outcome and if they start to wriggle!


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