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Full Version: Untaxed car got ticket.
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My son has just bought my brother in laws car off him. The car has not yet been re registered, so I expect all the enforcement will be sent to my brother in law at his last registered address. Bro in law has just sold his house and emigrated, so we expect he will eventually get a county court judgement if the pcn remains unpaid. My son could of course pay the pcn.

The issue is that the tax ran out end of Dec and he couldnt buy the new tax as he hadnt got the new registration from DVLA. So we expect the car to also be reported for having no tax, and that too will go to my bro in laws old address.

To complicate matters, he also ran out of MOT (which has just be restested today and past).

What are the best tactics to ward off any further enforcement?

Well you've got a lot of seperate issues.

Re the ticket, post up a scan/photo of it here first.

Re the tax, wait and see if you get anything about it. Post back if you do (not in the parking section).

I don't think the MOT is an issue, as long as an ANPR vehicle hasn't figured out it's expired (not sure if they even have this data).
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When he purchased the car, did your son immediately send off the completed V5, stating date of purchase?

If he did, then he will be responsible, as that date I assume precedes the date of the ticket.

If he did not, then the car will have remained in the ownership of your brother in law.

I would have thought that this situation depended more on morals than anything else. is your brother in law liable to return in the next few years? If he does & returns unknowingly to a credit black listing, he will not be best pleased i would think.
got a ticket of who , for what
My son did not send off the V5 because he was in the process of selling his house (now sold). Ignoring the ticket will mean no one pays, but bro in law will get a judgement which will remain unpaid. I think I could write to the Council and explain that both people are out of the UK and hope they back down.

Of course the moral thing is paying the PCN. But trying to wheedle out of it of a technicality means we dont have to bother with appealing any flawed enforcement processes.
Transit man
QUOTE (Its WAR @ Mon, 12 Jan 2009 - 12:44) *
I think I could write to the Council and explain that both people are out of the UK and hope they back down.

I think that is known as perverting the course of justice huh.gif
What should happen is that your brother in law and son completed the V5C, and then you brother in law gives your son the green part and sends the rest of the form to DVLA, DVLA would then send a new V5C to your son.
The green part acts as a registration certificate until the new one arrives.
If you have the green part you can use that to tax the car, and if you get the tax quick enough it may be recorded at DVLA before the council report of no tax gets there.
Thanks local driver. The tax was bought yesterday as you said. So now, the PCN can be paid or we try to get off. But there is still the issue of a possible tax penalty which we will not know anything about as all the enforcement will be against bro in law. I wonder how we can intercept that enforcement process when we dont even know if there will be one.
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What was the ticket for a parking violation of for not displaying tax if it is nothing to do with the tax the just forget about it i doubt you will hear anything about it
Is this a council PCN?

If so and issued under decriminalised parking enforcement i.e. Traffic Management Act 2004 then at no stage will a County Court Judgement be registered. If the PCN is not paid the debt does get registered with the Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC) but this does not go on any credit file. However, a warrant of execution (not a death sentence execution...non payment of parking charges has not quite stooped to this) will be issued and a certified bailiff will pop around for a cup of tea and a chat.

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