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Full Version: Red light camera
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I had a something similar happen to me, being followed by a truck, I went through an amber light, the truck followed me! If anything the camera would have got him rather than me surely?

I cannot help but worry, would the camera have got us both?

I have more than 14 days to wait to find out anyway because I was driving a company car.

I suppose I could claim that if I had stopped I would have been hit - where would I have stood if I had been hit? (apart from in the middle of an junction), I suppose the whole responsibility would have gone on to the truck driver - but we both could have been injured..... Is it worth appealing should I get a ticket?
i'm not 100% sure how these work but i'm sure its only taken a picture if you blatantly jump a red.

I'm a bus driver and used to enter Cardiff dozens of times a day. I've seen people pass through just as the lights change to Red and never had the camera go off.
With a 40ft bus i have been over the line as the lights go red and again, never been framed.

I'm beginning to think they only go off IF the loop (the sensor in the road) or beam, which ever it uses is broken AND the light is Red.
Thank you for that, I would like to think that is true, but there is always that doubt in the back of your mind......I did not see anything flash, but I was not looking for one - it was an unfamiliar area, getting dark and I had a truck on my tail.

I suppose it is compounded by driving in the bosses car.....Whoops.....He does know about it, and is fine but I still feel guilty
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