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Full Version: UNBELIVABLE! - 89mph on M9, heading towards Falkirk from Edinburgh!
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Good day all!

once again i need your help! - got a Noip today,

89mph allgededly,

i was coming down the m9 from edinburgh towards Falkirk,

now, im sitting behind a brand new truck fror a number of miles, - can be doing any more than 65-70,

so i indicate to overtake and off i go! - as im just about to pass the cab of the truck, i notice a scamera van on the Flyover above, - i think nothing of it as im just overtakin, not at any speed eiter, i dont belive my speedo crept up by more than 5-7 mph. plus the fact i must have been at some hell of an angle, as i was nearly under this flyover when i saw the van. i dont understand how he could have got the reading from my car??

thing is, here we are a few days later, NOIP in hand, i feel very troubled by this, i was recently zapped by a Falcon radar gun 3 weeks ago wich said i was doing 75 in a 60! sad.gif - this is all PISH!! - i have clean licence and have done for 5 years now, and in 3 weeks, i have got a possible 6 point my way.

please can any of you help!
nip wizard x 2
have done this! - and i was planning on folling the advice given... mearly looking for ideas on how such a misread can happed,
could the trucks size have any bearing on the Cameras reading? i cant accept i was doing that speed,

I believe that the mention of 'Nip wizard x 2' was indicating for you to fill out the NIP wizard and post the details up on here minus any information which could identify you... smile.gif
Have you received a NIP? - Yes
Are you the Registered Keeper of the vehicle concerned (is your name and address on the V5/V5C)? - Yes
Did the first NIP arrive within 14 days? - Yes
Although you are the Registered Keeper, were you also the keeper of the vehicle concerned (the person normally responsible for it) at the time of the alleged offence? - Yes
Were you driving? - Yes
Which country did the alleged offence take place in? - Scotland
i though you had two offences for consideration

write and ask for picies to help id the driver , don't say evidence

then we will have some idea of how they got you and if there's any chance of a false reading

well the one previous to this was about three weeks ago, it was not a NOIP,

i was stopped by a marked traffic car.

they say i was doing 74mph in a 60, - the standing staines rd near leven, long straight, i could see them miles away, i passed them a 60, wich is the limit, next thing they pull out, follow me, pull me over..

cop asks if i know the limit ! i say yea, 60, then he shows me 74 on this old beatup falkcon radar gun, .. sad.gif

i'll see if i can link this post to it.

try this link to my other one,
Have you fitted after-market or alternate alloys to your vehicle???

Caught twice within such a short period of time and both in different circumstances and both being roughly what the speedo would read out by when indicating the correct speeds seems to me as if you have messed up the speedo reading in some manner...

I could be wrong but it just seems damned strange to me... smile.gif
QUOTE (bluegolfboy @ Thu, 18 Dec 2008 - 02:07) *
Have you fitted after-market or alternate alloys to your vehicle???

If you have it's about 4mph per extra inch diameter at an indicated 60mph. The amount of difference it makes decreases as the originally fitted wheel size increases so going from a 15 to 16 inch (4mph) makes more of a difference than from say 19 to 20inch (3.2 mph).
If would depend though on the tyres fitted to the wheels. Generally as the wheels get bigger the profile of the tyre decreases...
the car i have been in on both occations was my Volvo S60R,

it has 18" wheels on it, but i do bellive there are 16" and 17" options for the car,
i also thought this aswell, as i have a focus ST wich i never have this problem in.

sad.gif im just at a loss. -

Calculator available here if you have indeed changed the wheels/tyres...

The dealer/manufacturer would most probably have calibrated the speedo to match the alloys it left the factory with so if you still have, as stated, the original wheels/tyre size on the vehicle then it rules my theory out...

Only other option with regards to speedo mis-reading would be with regards to the electronic signal sent from the speedo drive through the ecu and displaying on your clock face... I ain't sure if this would a defence to be honest but it could be a good thing to get checked out for the future...

This is a better calculator if anyone else is needing to use it...

The speedo on the other halfs car read 7mph too fast before at 70mph (via GPS) so indicated 77mph... With the addition of her new BIGGER wheels it should actually read closer to the 'real' speed... LoL... This is partly due to a decrease in the overall rolling radius.

PS. Just a note. A speedo can OVER read by up to 10% but should NEVER under read. It would be against the law for the speedo to under-read. If your speedo was registering 60mph then you could technically be travelling at a speed between 54 & 60mph.

Your only course of action must be to challenge the Police Officers speed monitoring equipment as it must be faulty if you are 100% certain your speedo was reading 60mph. Unless he clocked you from a greater distance BEFORE you had the opportunity to slow down.
did they radar you from a moving car>?
i belive he was in the car when he done it.

the road is very long, and straight, i could see the police car sittng off the side of the road, its stickers and reflectors where a dead give away. the lights on the car are very powerfull, so i saw them a long way off, there was no one outside the car or i'd have seen them i belive it was done from in the car, also, i belive with the window up. i told them there reading must be wrong!! as i know the road was a 60! and i could see them!!

smile.gif - but they still pulled my pants down, i will be taking this one to court.

the pair of patronising twats they were.
Pete D
The gun should not be operated from inside a vehicle or through glass. ACPO Code of Practice. Usually they open the window put their arm out and aim the gun. However you have to prove it as they will say it was out of the car. Pete D
Pete D
Hand held radar devices can only be used as evidence of their prior opinion if there is only one vehicle in the beam was the road at Leven quite, again difficult to prove but if you download the ACPO Code of Practice from the net section 9.4 deals with Multiple Vehicles. Regards Peter

You need the pictures to help identify the driver. Do Not mention evidence or proof and do not elaborate. When you get them wash off and ID and your reg and post them on your thread via the instructions in the FAQ's other will comment on the quality of the ping and any potentiakl error. If you complete the all the NIP questions and the additional page then there is an option to add it to your thread so we have all the facts. You you only spotted the van when you were quite close to the bridge, the LTI operator could have pinged you up to 1km away, the picture will give you the range and speed of the ping and a close still extracted from the video. Pete D
The Rookie
Can you do the Wizard again, including teh second page so we have ALL the info.

Can we keep the radar on a seperate thread to the LTi case as its cluttering this one up, ONE CASE - ONE THREAD as many of the regulars should know.

I suggest you write and ask for photo's to help ID the driver so you can see the angle you were pinged at (don't ask for proof or evidence!)

They are always hanging about there mate, watch yourself. Best of luck
The problem is envisage is that the coppers KNOW the law and will alter small discrepancies should it go to court. It would amount to your word against theirs. If there is pictures etc then that is fantastic.
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