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Full Version: Help advice needed re NIP recived
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Hi Im new here and looking for advice. I purchased a car on the 22/11/08 and on the way home the car apperentley got caught by a mobile unit on the M4 in Cardiff doing 89 in a 70. The origional NIP went to the old owner first and then I got mine. I am unsure who was driving at the time and also I do not belive who ever was driving was going that fast as we had 2 cars travelling together. The other issue I have is the location of the mobile unit is not listed on their website. What are my options. Thanks in advance
Please visit the READ ME FIRST section (Click Here), answer all the questions in the NIP Wizard (including the detailed questions reached by clicking on the Additional Questions button on the second page), and the Wizard will then post its output back here to enable us to help you.

Why are you unable to remember who was driving a vehicle which you had only just collected ? Was there more than one potential driver of the vehicle alleged to have been speeding ? If so, did you change drivers and, if so, where ?

If you are unable to confirm the identity of the driver at the material time, then you would be summoned for failing to provide driver detals. Accordingly, any issues pertaining to the alleged speeding offence (such as your recollection that the vehicle could not have been travelling at the speed alleged) will be of no consequence.

With regard to your second 'issue', the locations of mobile (or fixed) sites do not require to be published or advertised.
Pete D
Nemo is on the money here. However write to them and request copies of any photo's to help idetify the driver. DO NOT elaborate or use the words evidence or proof. This does not stop the 28 day clock and do not have to provide them but usually do. When they arrive Id the driver, wash the ID and Reg off them and post them on you thread, the directions are in the FAQ section and other will evaluate them for potential errors. How was the vehicle insured, and why do you not know who was driving. Pete D
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