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Full Version: Caught twice on same day
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Hi, I was caught by a mobile camera on way to dentist then again on the way back 1 hour later, 39mph and 42mph respetively in a 30. Do I have any recourse for the second one? Received both NIP's today. Thnaks
Pete D
I'm afraid these will be regarded as two separated offences. Complete the NIP wizard for each offence and do the additional page so you can add the output to your thread. Pete D
You may be offered a speed awareness course for the 39 offence, depending on where you were caught and on existing points/previous courses
The Rookie
Existing points are not (from the ACPO guidelines for them) relevant to determining if a speed awareness course is offered or not. The max speed from those guidelines for a SAC is +10% +6mph, so below 39 in a 30, a measured 39 means you were doing OVER 39 (but under 40), so a course will probably not be offered.

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