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Full Version: Red Light NIP
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I have been trying to find info about photographs that are sent out as 'proof' so I hope someone may be able to help me out.
I got a NIP, for a Red light offence. Now, I know it was my son driving and he recalls getting flashed on the day in question. So no problem with that part.
Just out of curiosity I asked for 'Photographic Evidence'. Now, it states that this is not used to identify the driver, only to confirm the location of the vehicle. This is the part I have an issue with, the 'Photographic Evidence' that was sent comprised of an A4 Sheet with 2 photos on. None of them actually show the registration of the vehicle, so how am I supposed to confirm that this is indeed a photo of my car and name the driver ?
There is no way they could get a number plate details off the photos provided to me, so where do they get that from ?
Are they supposed to supply a 'TRUE' copy or will they have a much clearer photo which they will produce if I question this ?

Any thoughts please.


Pete D
They sent a NIP to the owner of the registration number and your son remembers the flashes. The print they sent you you is a much reduced resolution immage of what they actually have. Pete D
I assume that the NIP also incorporates a requirement under S172 that you identify the driver. If you know who was driving, you should do so within the 28 day time limit. If you name your son as the driver, he will receive his own NIP and S172 notice.

Assuming that he confirms that he was the driver he will probably receive an offer of a fixed penalty. At that point he can accept it or, if he doesn't believe that he crossed the red light, he should reject it. The Police will have to produce all the necessary evidence and your son will be able to challenge it.
Thanks for the replies.
I understand what the consequences are. So basically they have paid for someones time and postage to send photos that are absolutely pointless really. If I asked for a witness statement, I wouldn't expect to get an abbreviated version, only to get the full version later on.
I know I'm just being picky, but you get the drift smile.gif
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