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Full Version: Errors on FPN
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I was recently stopped for using a vehicle without an MOT (no argument, I was an idiot), and given an FPN. It contained 3 errors:

1) One letter of the vehicle reg is wrong

2) "self-defined ethnicity code" is given as O1, which I discover means Chinese. I was not asked, and I am not Chinese. ("officer-defined ethnicity code" is W1)

3) Date is wrong (in two place, date of offence and date of officer's signature), out by one day.

Any of this grounds for a challenge, and if so how?
Hotel Oscar 87
Putting it simply and succinctly, sadly, no.
Do the police get their address information through the DVLA, if he also has the wrong reg, when they come to get your details, they will either get the wrong person, or the reg doesn't exist, so he won't receive any correspondence

Isn't no MOT just a £30 fine anyway?
As it ws a roadside stop, I would assume the officer did a vehicle check and the information came back to say no MOT was recorded for the vehicle. He then stopped the driver and issued the penalty notice - but in writing it out he made an error on the ticket (which he hadn't done on the radio check). I don't believe you can get a penalty notice revoked because of a clerical error. The OP hasn't suggested a notice to produce was given, so presumably he had his other documents with him. Which would probably mean the officer would have taken name and address from documents or from the OP giving it verbally.
I was stopped because their on-board number plate recognition gizmo flagged me, correctly, as having no MOT.

I had no documents with me. They got my driving licence details from PNC/DVLA (?) and confirmed them with me. Both officers extremely friendly throughout. Penalty is £60, no documents to be produced.

Oh, and I admitted the offence.
Hotel Oscar 87
Why turn £60 into £120 plus if the OP was to ignore it and a summons eventually arrived on his doormat? I refer you to my earlier comment.
^^^^ What he said .... rolleyes.gif
A fair cop, then? wink.gif
The Rookie
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