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i recieved a ticket for not displaying a permit on BH monday 26th Aug 08 - as i was not the driver of the vehicle and could not tell them who was i appealed this with UKPC twice - each time they basically ignored my claims and demanded me to pay. i have ignored them after the second appeal as it seemed useless, you cant talk to anyone and they never give you a valid reason for rejectingthe appeal.

I have since recieved a letter from a baliff company and a solicitors saying they will take me to a county court - what can i do?? they are now demanding £140 off of me that i cannot afford to pay but do not really want a CCJ hanging over my head! can someone please help!!!
They won't take you to court relax. smile.gif

Why did you "appeal"? There is no appeals process at all with these guys. You are now on their hooked fish list.

They will not take you to court as they know their case is bollox. Just continue to ignore them. They will go away.
you were not the driver so you have no reason to fear them As you contacted them you will be on the hooked fish list and they wil send you more outrageous stuff designed to scare you into paying - they smell fear, their scam depends upon it. But you have no reason to fear them at all - you were not the driver. Stop contacting them and keep all their dubious paperwork in the drawer. If you want to fight back review their paperwork in light of this
Hi All

Thanks for your replies i have seen the following question asked on another forum where someone is claiming by paying a one off fee they will stop the company contacting them. has anyone else tried it? is it legit?


can even tell you exactly what the solicitor's letter will say. it works but why pay 25 quid when ignoring is so much cheaper. its your money though and the PPC won't get any either way smile.gif I like to let the PPC waste its money writing lots of letters though. reverse the PPC business model smile.gif
I have probably had about 800 threatening letters from UKPC and their co-conspirators over the last few years.
Still waiting for them to take me to court for the ~£30,000 I apparently owe them.
Not holding my breath...

NB, to obtain a CCJ, several things would first all have to happen-

They would have to take you to court - spectacularly unlikely
They would have to win - anything is theoretically possible
You would have to fail to pay within a certain period of time.

Thanks for your responses guys - i have followed the Fight Back link and will be doing this as it seems they have acted innappropriatly my appeal clearly stated that i was not the driver of the vehicle so therefore not responsible. Their reply to my appeal said "Our View, however, is that these particular circumstances are neither unreasonable nor unjust and so we will not be waivering this parking charge in full"

One question though - will this get these guys off my back or is there another template letter i can send them? maybe on the grounds of harrassment!!!! lol


oh and also fraud as they are using Graham White Solicitors illeagally as a front company for Roxburghe debt collectors!
ignore them from on - you have done enough. each time they waste their own time and money sendig a letter just file it in the drawer with all the rest. they will send a few more yet. as you can see they care only for the money, logic and right and wrong have nothing to do with the PPC scam. send the complaints instead.
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