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Full Version: Civilian speed enforcement?
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Speeding motorist turns the tables on police officer 26-11-04

A POLICEMAN was stopped and accused of speeding by an irate motorist he had pulled over earlier for the same offence, it emerged yesterday.

Neil Saunders was pulled over on the M20 in Kent last Wednesday and admitted he had been doing 76mph. But he said he became "irked" when the police officer accelerated to 80mph minutes after both vehicles rejoined the motorway. He caught up with the police car and flashed for the officer to stop, before accusing him of hypocrisy.

Mr Saunders told the Kentish Express: "There were no flashing lights. He wasn’t on an emergency call.

"He denied speeding, but I told him that I had just phoned Ashford police station to complain."

Kent Police confirmed that a complaint had been received and said the matter was being investigated.

Mr Saunders, from Chilham, near Ashford, said: "I’m prepared to phone the officer who stopped me to apologise for throwing my rattle out of my pram, but I’m not prepared to back down."
Also, I was informed that last week a Kent Volvo traffic car was 'bombing' up the M20, and topped 140mph+ on the bends approaching the M25, Unfortunately he stuffed it into the back of a broken down van in the outside lane, killing the occupants. The two officers got out of the car.(well it was a volvo!)

The Volvo 'puter' has been sent back to Volvo to ascertain the 'true' speed of the vehicle.
FWIW, I always take my chance to have pot shots where appropriate. Faulty number plate lights, passing me on the motorway at higher speeds, I'll phone those in and question them.

The other day I was presented with the lovely opportunity of flashing my lights and pulling a policecar over.

We met in the middle and I politely said "Excuse me officer, are you aware that neither of your brake lights are operational?"

It was well humoured, I didn't make him self fill in the VDRF (think that's what it is?) but did say with a smile as we parted "Makes a change when it's the other way round eh?"

I didn't need the inspection of my vehicle, not that I had anything to be concerned about, just thought i'd make my point on this occassion.

It seems to be the season of good cheer!

I pulled a Transport Police van over t'other day to tell the driver about a faulty broken brake light, and I expressed both the humour and irony of the situation. Plod didn;t seem to bothered but thanked me for the information.

He did not, however, rectify the fault "as soon as practicable" but I can;t be arsed reporting this crime.
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