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Full Version: Court Fine Collection Time Limits
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Hi All,

Wife was convicted of speeding June 2006 for an offence in November 2005 (85 on motorway). We followed all of the advice on here, but pleaded guilty by letter when they issued a summons.

She got 3 points and a £60 fine.

Letter drops through the post at the weekend claiming we had never paid the fine. Phone them up and they seem insistent that we have never paid the fine, and that they are perfectly entitled to chase payment 2 1/2 years later, despite my best protests.

Thing is we cannot remember paying this, but equally we did not deliberately not pay it. Our online bank and credit card records only go back 12 months, and we don't have any records beyond that (think I may be able to pay a fee to the bank to get access to them).

Does anyone know if there are any time limits on fine collection? Seems off to me that we hear nothing for 2 1/2 years then all of a sudden a demand for £60 drops through the letter box.


IIRC Fine payment falls into the same category as taxes and suchlike. THey have seven years to come to you for payment. You can get your bank records for more then the past 12 months by applying to your bank - there is usually a fee to be paid. Banks have the responsibility to maintain your records for - coincidentally - seven years.
So they have every right to come back to you for payment within the period. You might want to find out how much your bank/credit card companies will charge for the old records. It might cost £60 for all of them.
Sorry this isn't more helpful.
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