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Full Version: Pulled over for speeding but not shown evidence
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Alan o
My brother was pulled over for speeding on the A59 coming back from preston early hours friday.

He asked to pull over after a armed response unit told him to at a set of lights.

When he got out of his car they done the usual checks and said you were doing on 100mph near enough.

Now there veichle was unmarked and was not travelling behind him they pulled out at a round about then followed him to the set of lights.

The copper has given him a form to produce his documents and said he will report him for the offence.

My brother was not told they have any sort of evidence such as video, camera etc.

Can anyone shed any light on this matter, should you be shown evidence or told what means were used to measure your speed?


QUOTE (Alan o @ Sat, 8 Nov 2008 - 18:50) *
..should you be shown evidence or told what means were used to measure your speed?

Neither are required at the time of a roadside pull, no.

And the only 'evidence' which might exist could be the officer's statement that he formed the opinion that your brother's vehicle was travelling in excess of the posted speed limit and that this opinion was corroborated by the reading of a speedometer or other mechanical means.
This is a tough one. However, if your brother does some research I think it is feasible that the Police were working outside their jurisdiction, as you say they were an arme3d response unit.

Police have to be trained for such measures as detecting vehicles for speeding. Their instruments have to be calibrated. This would include their speedometer. It would be highly unikely that an armed response unit would calibrate their speedometer regularly. You mentioned they came around a bend, which implies they did not measure the speed over a certain distance.

The downside is that your brother was doing nearer 100mph, which means it does not take too much knowledge or abiity to know that someone was driving above the national speed limit. In which case you can only argue the accuracy of the measured speed and would have to plead guilty to the offence.

It is possible that iif your brother pleaded not guilty and requested the presence of the police officers, that the case would be thrown out, as armed response units cannot afford the time to attend court on what is a relatively trivial matter.

I would suggest your brother goes back to the place of the alleged offence and takes photographs of the road and the short distance and carry out a bit more research, if he feels it is worth fighting.

Good luck

As always, it is in the discretion of the magistrates to accept or reject evidence tendered in any case, speeding or otherwise.

But note that it has been held that a speedometer is capable of amounting to corroboration of a police officer's opinion about the speed of a vehicle without proof of testing of the accuracy of the speedometer.

And armed response unit drivers will be advanced drivers.
and there is normally two of them to corroborate each other
QUOTE (Landshark @ Mon, 10 Nov 2008 - 19:22) *
and there is normally two of them to corroborate each other

....and they have guns, so best not argue with them at the roadside.

Sorry, couldn't resist. biggrin.gif
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