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Full Version: PCN from UKPC
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First of all Hi to everyone and keep up the good work on here.

Right, I have received a Parking Charge Notice through the post about a parking offence. The charge comes from a company called UK Parking Control Ltd and states that I was parked in a car park for longer than the allowed length of time. It states i was there from 9.43 until 17.50 and the terms and conditions of the car park only allows one hour. I didnt see any signs at the time telling me of these terms and conditions but there are some at the location now and they seem pretty new. Now I dont know if they were there before or if they have been put up after I was parked there. Buit the letter I recieved states I entered into a contract with them and therefore broke it when I stayed longer than the allowed length of time.

The fine is for £95 but a reduced fee of £75 will be accepted if I pay before 11th of november.

The car is not registered to me so the letter did not come to me personally, but the registered owner of the car is not in the country at the moment and I was the one driving. I dont know if that makes a difference to anything.

Any help would be appreciated. I parked there for longer than the allowed time, I'll admit to that, but I wasnt even aware there was a limit on the car park, £95 also seems a bit steep.

No need to worry. It is all unenforceable tosh. Ignore and tell the owner to ignore and most importantly ignore and do not pay.
Glacier2 is correct, ignore the muppets and they will eventually go away, contact them and they will perceiver much longer in trying to rob you of your cash.
did they say the RK is liable ? if so read this . that article is pending an update as the DVLA has changed the V888/2 form but that does not detract from it.
ignore the PPC.
Thanks for the replies.

The thing is, the RK of the vehicle wants me to write to the PPC to explain that they were not the one driving the car at the time and that I was the one driving. So then they will know I'm the one responsible if they take any further action. Im pretty confident they wont but the RK isn't so sure. I dont really know how to write the letter to them explaining that I was the one driving but I'm still not willing to pay because I think its a con. I would imagine the letter would come across better if it was more eloquently written. Im thinking somthing on the lines of them not being able to charge me for a contract I didnt know I was entering into. Can anyone offer any ideas?

They are unlikely to take any notice of anything you write, but you could write something to the effect of:

-No contract was understood or entered into
-RK cannot be held liable
-No further correspondance will be entered into
-Issue court proceedings or cease correspondance
-Further correspondance will result in a vigorously pursued complaint to the BPA
-Any further correspondance should be sent to you, as you are dealing with the matter.

And tell the RK to give anything else they recieve to you.
After reading a bit more on the subject it seems clear to me that I shouldn't be telling them that I was driving the car. Would it be better instead to get the RK to write and say that they were not in the country at the time (which is true) and simply not mention who was driving?

They have said on another letter that as the owner they are responsible, which seems pretty odd, considering they have no control over where the vehicle is really as others can use it freely. They are now threatening that 'failure to pay could result in the balance outstanding being registered as a debt against you in a county court' and also that 'A warrant may then be issued to bailiffs to recover payment'

Should I write to them and ask for proof of who was driving and if they can't give it then ignore any further letters. As its stands now I have not contacted them at all. A few things I've read stated that ignoring them is the best option.
I would simply ignore all the landfill they have sent you.
ignore the PPC. then they have no 'traction'.
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