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Full Version: flashed by GATSO in oppoiste direction
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Got flashed by GATSO on opposite side of road (dual carriageway with no central reservation). there are two camera's (A4114, London Road, Coventry) one on each side. coming up to them the camera on the opposite side flashed twice (white flash) - so i was facing it and got blinded. No cars on opposite carriageway. Deffo flashed twice. Was doing bang on 40 in a 40 zone.

Can gatso's go off like this? will i get a NIP?

i'm worrying myself silly.
QUOTE (Faraway @ Wed, 5 Nov 2008 - 09:28) *

I'd agree, had exactly the same happen to me in Peterborough two weeks ago.
Dr Science
The full GATSO equipment includes some expensive digital processing electronics that work out which way the vehicle is going and only flash those going in the direction it is set to flash. In the UK this should be "going-away", because in the UK they are only approved for use "going away" when used in unattended fully-auto mode (if actually being operated by a policeman they are approved to do either direction or both simultaneously).

There is a cheaper "dummy" GATSO available which has the radar and a flash gun, but no camera and does not have the expensive electronics to work out which way the vehicle is going. It flashes at anything that seems to speed, whichever direction it was going, because it is too "dumb" to know which direction it was going.

If you get front-flashed by an automatic GATSO then it was either a dummy or wrongly set up.

If you get front flashed by a Truvelo, that is a different matter...

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