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Full Version: 103mph in a 70mph Motorway
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Hi Can anyone help?

I was snapped at 103mph by a van on a bridge on the m74 in Scotland.

I recieved an NIP to my address addressed to me within the 14 day period.

It's almost been 28 days and I need to do something about it.

What happens when I return the document 'unsigned'? Do they send a follow up, do they send threats or does nothing happen?

103mph is potentially a ban of 28 days and 6 points though it appears 99mph is only 3points abd £60 fine. Am I therefore best to contest the accuracy of the camera than risk getting done for not returning information.

Please help
Do you live locally? They like to send round the boys to get you admit you were the driver, the further away you are the more likely you will get away with it.
The Rookie
Unsigned is the advised way to go in Scotland, so you (or preferably someone else who will then write and sign a letter FOR YOU – which you keep - saying they filled it in) fill in all the details and return it unsigned.

Two things to be aware of:-
1/ They will call out your local plod to try and serve a verbal S172 request on you, if they do this you have to tell them, so you need to avoid them, be not in, and not return their requests for you to call, if you are in England then its worth asking the plod (if cornered) if they are authorised to serve this request for this Scottish constabulary, if they can't answer yes (even though they almost certainly are!) then you do not have to answer (any requestor has to be authorised by a chief of Police), they will send it back asking you to sign, often accompanied by hollow threats, these you can pretty safely ignore.
2/ There is no case law (In Scotland) that says the S172 response has to be signed, at some point the PF's offices may decide to go for a test case to set case law, in which case the penalty (if it succeeds) is 6 points and a circa £300 fine, my opinion is that until they see 'too many' unsigned they won't try for a test case as it will create publicity telling people about the 'loophole', but I think it may happen eventually.

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