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Full Version: Un-adopted road
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I live on a new development that has a main road running through it. It is all up and running and has a speed limit of 40mph posted. The BiB have started random speed checks on the road. My question is, as the devlopers have not yet finished and have not handed the road over to the County Council, are the speed limits applicable? The developers and the CC are in dispute as to the quality of the road and the CC won't adopt it until all the snags have been rectified.
is there a traffic regulation order in place

prob not

in which case no, unless theres street light where it case a bit complex
Street lights can not impose a limit of 40 mph, only 30 mph.

Whether a street is adopted or not is immaterial in relation to speed limits - the council may impose them on any highway. You'd have to check if there is one in force on this road.
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