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Full Version: No sign up for talivan?
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mick 1
Hi im a complete noob here so please bare with me,

I think i was recently caught diong about 38-40mph in a 30 by a talivan, however there were no speed camera signis up anywhere other than the van itself and i was just wondering if this is legal or not and if somehow it could affect a speeding ticket should i recieve one, any help in this matter will be apreciated.

many thanks!!!
By law no signs are required. If you need further help when/if you actually recieve a NIP, you'll need to fully complete the NIP Wizard and post the results back to this thread.
mick 1
ok will do, hopefully i dont recieve one, i just thought it was strange cos everywhere else round here displays a sign.

thanks for the help.
Mr Grumpy
When you say recently, do you mean yesterday, last week a couple of weeks ago?

If you are the registered keeper of the car and you have not recently changed addresses (by recently i mean in the last couple of months), then you must receive an NIP within 14 days of the alledged offence
mick 1
this was only last week, the registered owners are me and my girlfriend.
Mr Grumpy
Countdown started last week then with the day in question being day 0, you have a few days to wait/sweat

You may not have been driving as fast as you think, all you can do is wait to see if you get an NIP then come back and complete the NIP Wizard
mick 1
thanks for the help. cheers!
the registered owners are me and my girlfriend.

Are you saying the V5C has been you and your girlfriends name on it?
mick 1
sorry no, what i ment was both me and my girlfriend are named drivers on the insurance,
So who is named on the V5C? Who is named on the insurance is not used when sending out a NIP AFAIK.
mick 1
sorry i said i was a noob.

i am the only driver named on the v5c.

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